Investigating the Choroid

Chair: Alain Gaudric, MD

• Topographic variations of choroidal thickness on swept-source OCT in healthy eyes, Alain Gaudric Video
• Analysis of choroidal morphologic features using swept source OCT, Shozo Sonoda Video
• Choroidal thickness and its diurnal change in healthy population, Nataliya Semenova Video
• The relationship of retinal and choroidal thickness to central and peripheral retinal function in Retinitis Pigmentosa, Harvey Uy Video
• Study of choroidal vascularity index in keratoconus patients vs. healthy controls using swept-source optical coherence tomography-based binarization techniques, Rosa Gutiérrez Bonet Video
• Discussion Video

Deep Range Imaging of Tumors

Chair: Catherine Favard, MD

• SS-OCT and SS-AOCT contribution to the diagnosis of choroidal tumors, Catharine Favard Video
• Optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA) characteristics of intraocular tumours, Pradeep Sagar Video
• Swept-source optical coherence tomographic findings in eyes with choroidal osteoma, Maria Oliva Grassi Video
• OCT angiography as a tool to assess early response to therapy in intra ocular tumours, Pradeep Sagar Video
• Diagnosing chiasmal tumors by SD-OCT, Umur Kayabashi Video
• Discussion Video

SSOCT in Glaucoma - 1

Chair: Donald C. Hood, PhD

• Diagnosing and understanding glaucomatous damage based upon a single ssOCT wide-field scan, Donald C. Hood Video
• Using ssOCT to minimize reliance on perimetry for glaucoma diagnosis in clinical practice, Jeffrey M. Liebmann Video
• Role of ocular blood flow in the deep layers of the optic nerve head in glaucoma, Toru Nakazawa Video
• Optic nerve head characteristics in chronic angle closure glaucoma, Lucy Shen Video
• Discussion Video

SSOCT in Glaucoma - 2

Chair: Jeffrey M. Liebmann, MD

• Comparison of scleral ring area, Bruch's membrane opening area, and optic disc area measured by a swept-source OCT and a spectral-domain OCT in patients with myopia and glaucoma, Ying Dong Video
• OCT-Angiography analysis of peripapillary flow density in patients with Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma under therapy with Tafluprost, Robert Kromer Video
• Asymmetry in the macular ganglion cell complex thickness in glaucoma, Umur Kayabashi Video
• Discussion Video

OCT Insights

Chair: José Ma Ruiz Moreno, MD, PhD

• Quantification of geographic atrophy associated to AMD: automatic software, José Ma Ruiz Moreno Video
• Swept Source OCT en-face imaging of vitreous cavity reveals topographic relationship of premacular bursa, Cloquet’s canal, prevascular vitreous fissures and cisterns, Michael Englebert Video
• Retinal macular involvement in Fabry’s disease detected by Swept Source OCT angiography (SSOCTA) and focal electroretinogram (fERG), Angelo Maria Minella Video
• Discussion Video

Imaging Uveitis

Chair: Moncef Khairallah, MD

• SS OCT angiography and uveitic macular edema, Moncef Khairallah Video
• Role of swept source OCT and OCT angiography in the diagnosis of Not-Dots Uveitis diseases, Alfredo Adán Video
• Evidence of choriocapillaris hypoperfusion on swept-source optical coherence tomography angiography in multiple evanescent white dot syndrome, Moncef Khairallah Video
• SS-OCT choroidal thickness measurement in convalescent/quiescent Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada disease, Olga Garcia-Garcia Video
• Discussion Video

Diabetes and Other Vascular Diseases

Chair: Ramin Tadayoni, MD, PhD

• Normal to abnormal retinal capillaries in diabetic retinopathy through the lens of OCTA, Ramin Tadayoni Video
• Characterization of the initial stages of diabetic retinal disease using OCT and OCTA, Jose Cunha-Vas Video
• Diffuse diabetic macular edema: the various pathogeneses and durable therapies, Avinoam Ophir Video
• Correlation between choroidal thickness and OCT–A in diabetic patients using Triton swept source OCT, Nihal A. Hassan Video
• An alternative treatment for retinal artery macroaneurysm evaluated with swept-source optical coherence tomography and angiography, Maria Oliva Grassi Video
• Discussion Video