Alfredo AdAn

Role of swept source OCT  and OCT angiography in the diagnosis of Not-Dots Uveitis Diseases


Prof Alfredo Adán . Director of Institut of Ophthalmology .Hospital Clinic Barcelona . Full Professor University  of Barcelona (Spain)  



Non Dots Uveitis Disease are a group of inflammatory entities in wich the  lesions in posterior pole and macular area don not have a typical with dot morphology .The etiopathogenesis of these diseases could include inflammatory and vascular changes at  the level of the pigment retinal epithelium, choriocapillaris or choroid.


Non Dots Uveitis Disease include: Unilateral Acute Idiopathic Maculopathy,Acute Macular Neuroretinopathy, Persistent Placoid Maculopathy and Acute Retinal Pigment Epithelitis .Swept source OCT  and OCT angiography could be of potential  great value in the diagnosis of this group of diseases and in the  follow up.We will present several demostrative cases with this group of diseases.