Richard F. Spaide, MD

Vitreous Retina Macula Consultants of New York, USA

Dr. Spaide is an internationally renowned specialist in diseases of the retina and vitreous, known for his many achievements as a clinician, researcher and speaker. His pioneering research, particularly in relation to fundus autofluorescence and imaging of the deeper structures of the eye, has significantly impacted the field with his imaging techniques used around the world, allowing new findings and disease of the eye to be described.


He has published extensively with more than 300 articles, 50 book chapters and 9 books about the diagnosis and treatment of retinal diseases. In addition, he is Associate Editor of the journal Retina, as well as sitting on the editorial boards of a number of other high profile journals. He has given lectures around the world and received numerous awards, most recently the prestigious Roger H. Johnson Macular Degeneration Award 2016, a biennial award for making a substantial contribution to the understanding, diagnosis, or treatment of macular degeneration.


It is a great honor to have Dr Spaide both as a keynote speaker and as the chair of the scientific program committee. We look forward to his informative and entertaining presentations, along with a carefully crafted, exciting scientific conference program.