Session 1: Introduction to SS OCT Angio

  • Keynote: Introduction to SSOCT and SS OCT Angio, Richard Spaide MD Abstract Video

  • Correlation with fluorescein and ICG angiography, clinical characteristics, response to therapy, Michael Larsen MD Video

  • The roles of OCT-A and dye-based angiography in retinal disease clinical trials: a reading center perspective, SriniVas Sadda MD Abstract Video

  • SSOCTA artefact removal and image enhancement, Carl Glittenberg MD Abstract Video

  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio Comparisons Between Spectral-Domain and Swept-Source OCTs SNR – SD vs SSOCT, Charles Reisman, PhD Abstract Video

Session 2: The Unmet Medical Need in AMD: How advancements in imaging technologies will guide therapies – Sponsored by Novartis

  • The current unmet medical need in AMD – the need for innovation, Michael Larsen D

  • New modes of action in clinical development – the most promising approaches, SriniVas Sadda, MD

  • Optimizing the use of imaging in the management of AMD, Nadia Waheed, MD

Session 3: Diabetic retinopathy and Retinal Vascular Disease II

  • OCT angiogram using swept source Optical Coherence Tomography in diabetic patients, Nihal A. Hassan, MD Abstract Video
  • Perifoveal vascular structure in diabetic patients without diabetic retinopathy using OCT Angiography (OCT-A), M. Gil-Martinez, MD Abstract Video
  • A new insight in Terson Syndrome, Angelo M. Minnella, MD Abstract Video
  • Discussion Video

Session 4: CNV in CSC Roundtable


  • Case presentations, Magdy Moussa MD Abstract
  • Case presentations, Massimo Nicolo MD Abstract
  • Case presentations, Jorge Ruiz Medrano MD


Session 5: Choroidal Imaging and Tumors

Chair: José Ma Ruiz Moreno, MD, PhD

  • Study of the age-related choroidal changes with SS-OCT: vascular density, Jose Ma Ruiz Moreno MD Abstract Video

  • Subfoveal choroidal thickness, axial length and refraction in 9-10 year old children, J.R. Vingerling MD

  • SSOCT imaging of the choroid, Peter Maloca MD Abstract Video

  • SSOCT Enface Choroidal Vasculography, Carl Glittenberg MD Abstract Video

  • SS-OCT features of small choroidal and retinal tumours, Gerasimos Anastassiou MD Abstract Video

  • Macular features assessed by Optical Coherence Tomography-Angiography after proton beam therapy for choroidal melanoma, Alexandre Sellam Abstract Video

  • Study of the macular choroidal thickness profile in keratoconus patients using Swept-Source Optical Coherence Tomography, Rosa Gutiérrez-Bonet MD Abstract Video

  • Analysis of age-related choroidal layers thinning in healthy eyes using Swept-Source Optical Coherence Tomography, Jorge Ruiz-Medrano MD Abstract Video

  • SS-OCT and SS-AOCT for the diagnosis and follow up of choriodal tumors, Catherine Favard MD

  • Discussion Video

Session 6: Rapid Fire I

  • Stellate non-hereditary idiopathic foveomacular retinoschisis, Martin Stattin MD Abstract Video

  • Quantification and comparison of retinal vascular features in optical coherence tomography angiography images using 3 different devices, Abhijit Sinha Roy PhD Abstract Video

  • Hyperreflective vs hyporeflective lesions in en face swept-source optical coherence tomography images, in neovascular age-related macular degeneration, Ignacio Flores-Moreno MD, PhD Abstract Video

  • Ellipsoid zone of photoreceptors in hemorrhagic AMD, Slawomir Teper MD, PhD Abstract Video

  • Macular microvascular changes in patients with diabetes mellitus using swept source Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography, Helena Haskaj, MD Abstract Video

  • Swept Source OCT in inherited chorioretinal disorders, Daniela Bacherini, MD Video

  • Discussion Video

Session 7: Uveitis

  • Swept-source OCTA and occlusive retinal vasculitis, Moncef Khairallah, MD Abstract Video

  • En face Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography and OCT angiography of white dot syndromes, Alfredo Adán, MD Abstract Video

  • Evidence of choriocapillaris hypoperfusion on swept-source OCTA in specific inflammatory maculopathies, Moncef Khairallah, MD Abstract Video

  • Swept-source optical coherence tomography in the management of scleral inflammation, Maite Sainz-de-la-Maza, MD Abstract Video

  • Automatic measurement of choroidal thickness with SS-OCT as a clinical method of follow-up in acute Western Europe Vogt- Koyanagi-Harada disease, Olga García-García, MD Abstract Video

  • Discussion Video

Session 8: Myopia

  • The study of staphylomas with SS-OCT: a new classification of staphylomas, Prof Ruiz Moreno MD Abstract Video

  • Use of SS-OCT to evaluate if choroidal or scleral thickness is related to myopic macular degeneration, Lee Shu Yen, MD Abstract Video

  • What SSOCT tells about pathological myopia, Kyoko Ohno-Matsui, MD Abstract Video

  • SS OCT in vitreoretinal interface disorders in high myopia, Luis Arias, MD Abstract Video

Keynote: OCTA and Doppler techniques using ultralight speed SS-OCT

  • Professor Jim Fujimoto Video

Session 9: Age-related Macular Degeneration

  • SSOCTA for diagnosis and disease monitoring in PCV & CNV, Gemmy Cheung, MD Abstract Video

  • Swept source OCT-A in exudative age-related macular degeneration, Pearse Keane, MD Abstract Video

  • Diagnosis and follow-up of CNV using OCT-A, Florence Coscas, MD Abstract Video

  • SS OCT-Angiography in RAP lesions, Luis Arias, MD Abstract Video

  • SS-OCT angiography of autologous RPE and choroidal transplantation for exudative maculopathies, A. Finzi, MD Abstract Video

  • Anti-VEGF-related vascular density level alteration in patients with CNV: An Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography Study, Adam Wylegala, MD Abstract Video

Session 10: Other Pathologies

  • Swept source OCTA in a pediatric age group, Magdy Moussa, MD Abstract Video

  • AMD Masquarades, Zofia Michalewska, MD, PhD Abstract Video

  • OCT-A detected secondary choroidal neovascularization in vitelliforme lesions, Dr. Martin Stattin, MD Abstract Video

  • Sub-RPE Neovasculopathy, Dr. Massimo Nicolo, MD, PhD Abstract Video

  • Diabetic Choroidopathy: choroidal vessel density and volume in diabetic retinopathy with swept-source optical coherence tomography, John B. Miller, MD Video

  • Advancing anterior segment OCT beyond epithelium mapping: Anterior surface and sub-epithelium topography, Abhijit Sinha Roy PhD Abstract Video 

  • Comparison of Swept Source and Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography Agreement to assess the insertion distance and thickness of extraocular rectus muscles, Lucía De-Pablo-Gómez-de-Liaño, MD Abstract Video

  • Discussion Video

Session 11: Rapid Fire II

  • OCT‐Angiography in oncology cases, María Isabel Relimpio, MD Abstract Video

  • Swept Source OCT of choroidal tumors, Daniela Bacherini, MD Video

  • Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography of Choroidal NeoVascularizations in choroidal tumors, Luisa Pierro, MD Abstract

  • Distinguishing white dot syndromes with patterns of choroidal hypoperfusion on optical coherence tomography angiography, Jay C. Wang, MD Abstract Video

  • Lower tear meniscus measurements using a new anterior segment swept-source Optical Coherence Tomography and agreement with fourier-domain Optical Coherence Tomography, Pedro Arriola-Villalobos, MD, PhD Abstract Video

  • Discussion Video

Session 12: Optic Nerve and Glaucoma

  • SS-OCT and OCT-A in different patterns of glaucomatous nerve fiber layer defects, Stephan Kremmer, MD Abstract

  • OCT of the optic disc: The value of digging deeper, Michael Larsen, MD Video

  • Lamina cribrosa and its surroundings, Gema Rebolleda, MD Abstract Video

  • New approaches to the phenotyping of Kjer´s Disease, Michael Larsen, MD Video

Session 13: Cortical Vitreous and Vitreoretinal Interface

  • Swept Source OCT Angiography of full thickness macular holes before and after surgery, Zofia Michalewska, MD Abstract Video

  • Wide-field Swept-Source OCT of the retinal periphery, Netan Choudhry, MD Abstract Video

  • Correlation between angles in vitreo-macular traction (VMT) with visual acuity, B. B. Ong, MD Video

  • Association of axial length and cortical vitreous morphology as assessed by Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography, Michael Engelbert, MD Abstract Video

  • Discussion Video

Closing Remarks



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